Role Models


Examples that Xpeed Fun has transformed many students into top performers:

1*. Lucas who just finished Kindergarten had learned middle school math in the 2015 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp at Flushing;

2*. The Tenth Grader Steven’s SAT simulation score had been boosted up from 69 percentile to 98 percentile by 510 points in the 2015 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp at Brooklyn;

3*. The fifth grader Jenny from the 2014 and 2015 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp at the White Plains site has scored 99% in the grammar part of the SAT simulation tests;

4*. The sixth grader Matthew who attended the 2015 Xpeed Fun camp at the Manhattan Wall Street site inside the Downtown Conference Center of Pace University is now learning high school subjects, several grades higher with a reading speed at more than 800 WPM (words per minute) in the Wall Street Journal Speed Reading test;

5*. The fourth grader Natalie and Alex from the 2015 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp at Flushing have passed the grammar training at 99% for the SAT simulation tests;

6*. The fifth grader Jessica now can read 3+ times faster than her peers in her own school. Through the 2014 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp at White Plains, Xpeed had turned Jessica from a poor-performing student, a prior ESL class student as a new immigrant from China, into a shining star, harvesting many awards in several subjects in her own English school;

7*. The seventh grader Alex used to be a shy boy and pretty weak in Social Studies and English-related courses since his parents as non-English speakers couldn’t help him at all at home, but after the 2015 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp at Flushing and one Year-Long Weekend Xpeed Tutoring Program, he has been boosted to the sky as one of a few top achievers in his own school. And most importantly, he has turned out to become more and more social, receptive and open-minded over time, which means Xpeed has changed his personality and regained his confidence forever. On top of that, Alex has been preparing the SAT test for several months, and SAT prep is not hard for him any more as the seventh grader.

8*. The eighth grader Yidi who is a new immigrant from China has been transformed into a top achiever in her own school from a poor-performing student in English and Social Studies;

9*. The eighth grader Katherine, who participated in the 2015 Xpeed Fun summer camp in Livingston NJ, first time took the 2016 SAT Official Study Guide 4 Real Tests recently, finishing the Section 2 Writing and Language part on time and passed 90% percentile. Kathrine can easily score 99 percentile in her future SAT test after more review and tutoring;

10*. One ninth grader Zihan freshly from China, who attended the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp at Flushing, has scored the best in Science in his own English school. If he had not conquered the huge language barrier while boosting up his vocabulary dramatically through the Xpeed Fun English learning procedure for new immigrants, there would have been nearly impossible for a new immigrant student without proper English listening, speaking, and reading capabilities to understand both teacher’s speech and testing questions very well;

11*. The third grader student Victoria and the sixth grader Vivian both are weak in their own schools, especially in ELA, since their parents can’t help them in learning English-related courses. However, after the 2016 Xpeed Fun summer camp, they jumped and now Vivian can work on the 2016 real SAT prep tests and Victoria can work on high school grammar now. In math, they’re also several grades higher.

12*. Andrew has more than quadrupled his reading speed while boosting up his vocabulary dramatically. Both Andy and Andrew in the 2015 Xpeed Fun camp at the Princeton University Quadrangle Club site have read far more than 600 words per minute on most learning subjects.

There’re too many cases to list here. As a matter of fact, Xpeed Quality Tutors collectively have worked to children’s potential and your child can join them as well on the shining list after a few years of Xpeed Learning at Xpeed Tutoring Centers.

Another case is 7-year-old new immigrant Yilong**, the child of a single-mother: he used to be the most troubled kid in town before he came to the 2015 Xpeed Fun summer camp at Flushing. He hit almost every other student both in his own school and in the Xpeed Fun summer camp. Almost all teachers in his own school couldn’t handle him and decided to give up since he has been deemed as the worst kid in town. Fortunately, her mother sent him to the Xpeed Fun summer camp in 2015. Xpeed helped him regain the confidence while boosting his math and ELA dramatically, and therefore changing his life track forever. After the 2015 Xpeed Fun summer camp, in his own school, everyone from school principal to every teacher has been surprised to witness Yilong’s dramatic change. Now Yilong has become one of the top performers.

Xpeed has many more cases in transforming poor-performing students into top achievers. For example, one grade-9 student Fengze*** who just came to the United States for several months. When he first registered into his own English school, he couldn’t speak, listen and read any basic English. Parents approached Xpeed for rescue. He enrolled into the Xpeed Tutoring Center for the year-long weekend program at Flushing last November. After around 40 days of training in listening and speaking English at Xpeed, he scored 22 out of 24 achieving 91.6% in the ESL speech test by an American teacher in his own English school.


The Xpeed Fun Summer Camps will go national and even international using the franchising business model so that more and more students can have access to the Xpeed Learning Methodology. Come join Xpeed Fun now by opening an Xpeed Tutoring Center in your own community!

News in Chinese: Parents endorsed the 2015 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp by speaking out loud on TV their exciting experience about their children’s phenomenal academic achievements.

* Disclaimer: Xpeed Fun doesn’t guarantee each student’s academic success since learning is based on one-on-one specific case. Some students haven’t formed a good learning habit over many years of learning journey and it would take much longer than 8 weeks an Xpeed Fun summer camp to rectify it. And some students have lagged far far behind, and to catch up with peers might take much longer time than expected. Some with ADHD or dyslexia might learn much slower than a normal student.

** Disclaimer: Xpeed Fun will conduct an assessment before accepting a student, and if based on the student’s assessment, aka real grade level, or the student’s own school report cards of the past two years, the score is below 3 out of 4, Xpeed Fun will charge additional $1000 to $2000 for more rectification tutoring fees needed, since letting other parents to pay $$$ for your child’s additional remedy tutoring fees is not fair. And also, Xpeed Fun will not guarantee the very student’s academic success only over 8 weeks a summer camp, because remedy, in order for the very student to form a very good learning habit to replace the past bad learning habit, sometimes takes much longer than 8 weeks a summer camp period to achieve that grand goal in terms of transforming a poor-performing student into a top achiever in academia.

*** Disclaimer: Non-English-speaking foreigners, please don’t try to pretend to be a native English speaking student in order to save money in tuition fees, because without English fluency, the student can’t achieve as high as a native English speaker. Without English proficiency in reading and comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking and writing, students have to go through the Xpeed Learning Procedures for New Immigrants from non-English-speaking nations and the Xpeed Tutoring Process Flow is totally different from those for native-born American students.

**** Disclaimer: And Xpeed would reserve a right to dismiss a few students who have broken school rules seriously like vandalizing the school property, stealing iPads, having psychological instability, infecting a contagious disease, or the like.

***** Disclaimer: All students are required to strictly follow the Xpeed Learning Methodology, aka the Process Flow of the Xpeed Learning Talent Production Line, by fully cooperating with Xpeed tutors and finishing assigned learning jobs. If a student were not to cooperate fully and not to follow instructions, even the best Xpeed Learning Methodology couldn’t help him or her out. It has taken some high school students over a decade to form their own learning habit, which might not be effective at all, and students need to be open-minded and receptive to the most creative Xpeed Learning Methodology.