Xpeed Fun’s Private Tutoring System from Global Elites Network can turn students into top performers

【The Tutor Hiring Policy of the 2016 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp: Please send your resume to Resume@GlobalElites.org 】

Xpeed can provide HYPMSC (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, Caltech) students with an internship opportunity at a very attractive rate for 2 months, housing stipend included. Next year for the 2017 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp, we need to hire hundreds of elite tutors from top colleges or top programs, so we have to connect them well in advance.

Xpeed will match anyone’s offer as long as Xpeed has issued an internship offer.

For students from the following schools, but not only limited on these top 18 schools, Xpeed can provide an internship with a very attractive pay package:

Columbia University
Wellesley College
University of Chicago
Duke University
University of Pennsylvania
Dartmouth College
Johns Hopkins University
Northwestern University
Washington University in St. Louis
Cornell University
Brown University
University of California–Berkeley

For other top colleges or top programs, Xpeed can provide an internship opportunity also attractive enough, as long as you have scored almost perfectly in a few subjects as your strength. Xpeed defines quality tutors or elite tutors as: with proven tutoring track records, you have showed an A-score strength as the third-party certification on those courses that you plan on conducting tutoring at the Xpeed Tutoring Centers. Xpeed stitches together all quality tutors’ strength to form an extremely powerful Xpeed Tutoring Force as a whole, so from this standpoint Xpeed will look into such background as tutoring skills, professionalism, ethics, and patience as well.

Xpeed need SAT/ACT high scorers and next year as many as possible.

In almost all classrooms of current U.S. primary and secondary schooling system, one teacher lectures to many students with exactly the same amount of schoolwork and homework at precisely the same learning pace, so very gifted students have been prohibited – dragged down by the general student body dramatically. In addition, millions of parents don’t trust the U.S. public schooling system at all and have been doing the home schooling instead. Any leading advantage acquired by students have been either from outside tutors or parents themselves who have taught their kids as a daily routine. The above-mentioned reasons can explain well why past gifted students have been mainly coming from either the best home schooling or top-notch private tutoring, not from the U.S. public schooling system. By sharp contrast, the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp academic program has provided each and every participated gifted student with a great life-long opportunity to learn at their own much-more-advanced pace with their own customized personalized curriculum, combining and bringing both home schooling and private tutoring together to the mainstream and therefore working to students’ potential. The Xpeed Fun teaching method basically can make the Child Prodigy miracle happen to most participated students as long as students fully cooperate by following the Xpeed Learning Procedures strictly. Elite one-on-one private tutoring, in fact, is another built-in gene of the Global Elites Network Xpeed Learning Academy, which comprises the QA mechanism of the Xpeed Fun Learning Production Line.

We welcome all elites from around the world to join us during the summer in the Xpeed Fun camp in the several states of the Greater New York City area to transform more children into top academic achievers – future representatives of the most advanced productivity, thereby greatly improving the U.S. overall competitiveness in the global market. We’re revolutionizing the current U.S. primary and secondary public schooling system by improving students’ learning throughput dramatically, many times higher than ever before and elsewhere. We need your passion, qualification, skill-sets and most importantly, world’s smartest brains both in academia and career to make the entire world better, much better, far better than ever before. COME JOIN XPEED FUN NOW!

Applicants have to submit a shinning resume with 2 strong reference letters from professors well before March via Email: Resume@GlobalElites.org, the earlier the better. National Award-winners and MBA candidates in top 10 programs will be considered with a higher priority. We will train elite tutors one week before the Xpeed Fun Summer Camp starts. The total pay package for elite interns are competitive in the job market and the Global Elites Network Xpeed Learning Academy will match your current offers if you are willing to devote your brain and energy to helping our kids learn much faster, deeper and more.


Open Loop Academy creatively combines immersive learning and sightseeing tours around the east coast of the United States of America together, so that foreigners can enjoy learning American culture with fun far more efficiently and effectively while traveling with Xpeed Coaches/Tutors.

【The Coach/Tutor Hiring Policy of the 2016 Xpeed Learning Tours: Please send your resume to Resume@GlobalElites.org 】

Xpeed Learning Tours hire native English speakers with a valid working permit (Americans) to teach English language and culture either as a knowledgeable tour guide for a small group of 5 foreign students or as a tutor doing one-on-one tutoring at one of Xpeed Tutoring Centers around the east coast of the United States of America, covering Washington DC, Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, Princeton NJ, New York City, New Haven CT, Boston MA, Providence RI, and Niagara Falls NY.

Xpeed Learning Tours also provide internship opportunities to local U.S. college students.

Candidates must know American culture very well, especially U.S. history at some specific sightseeing places. Candidates need to be professional, organized, articulate, loquacious, humorous, patient, considerate, and encouraging. In a word, students can learn a lot from you either as a small group tour guide doing Q&As on the travel or as a language tutor doing one-on-one tutoring for mostly non-English speakers in one of Xpeed Tutoring Centers.

Also, qualifications in CPR, safety, transportation and public speaking would be preferred.

If candidates were to know how to build up a team by demonstrating leadership, that would be a big plus.

If you’re interested in applying for this tutoring position, please fill in the following form and Human Resources Department of Open Loop Academy will contact you for an interview asap.

Open Loop Academy also pays a lucrative referral fee to attract talented coaches/tutors.