The 2014 Mr. Maverick Fellowship Awarded to Jessica Wang at 8 Years Old

The Mr. Maverick Fellowship Winner of The 2014 Xpeed Fun Platform:

Although Jessica Wang has just finished her 3rd grade at age 8 in a Connecticut elementary school, over the past 8 short weeks, she has achieved 7 years ahead of the U.S. public schooling agenda. Jessica stands solid on grade 10 math through the most effective Xpeed Fun One-On-One Elite-Tutoring System. Jessica has come from the rank-and-file family, but at the end of the Xpeed Fun Learning journey she has risen to the top of her class as the highest achiever in the 2014 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp through 5 tests in a row.

This proves preliminary to the world that genes are not a determinant in cultivating kids’ academic success. “Magic Formula in Education” has shifted to Xpeed Fun Platform + Hard work, Attention and Perseverance = Academic Success. Any “average” child from any family has an equal opportunity to become the best academic achiever in any academic area. Xpeed Fun Learning Child-Prodigy-Shaping procedures optimize each and every child’s brain capacity to achieve learning speed many times faster than any other programs or learning institutions in the history of the world, thereby revolutionizing and maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of a child’s learning capacity forever for the better service to humanity.

In terms of higher order of thinking in applying the newly learned knowledge in similar or different scenarios, Jessica has finished solving more than 2000 SAT Math simulation questions with a very impressive average score of 94% or higher. Jessica’s success in this 8-week Xpeed Fun academic summer camp has shown that any kids can have a potential to finish their high school learning before age 10.

Over the 8 weeks, the Xpeed Fun Methodology has helped Jessica increase her vocabulary by at least 10,000 new words in total through word build-up games or much higher level advanced reading sessions, including 100 or more college-, and/or high-school level concise version courses that have covered 7 different career specialties. These books includes 12 Math books, 30 Medical books, 14 Business books, 10 Social Science books, 6 Engineering books and 17 Science books. The Xpeed Fun academic camp has helped Jessica foster strong interests in science and engineering areas such as Medical, Chemistry and Computer Science. Jessica has read 30 college-level books about human body, physiology, psychology, surgery, dentistry, pharmacology, pathology, and several major diseases such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Asthma, Allergies, Hepatitis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases. She has also read more than 23 college-level books in science and engineering, such as Telecom, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, and Aerospace Engineering.

Although her reading capability and vocabulary have jumped by a mile, at least three years ahead of the U.S. public schooling curriculum, she still needs to work very hard on the read-aloud frontier to build the voice database in mind for each and every new word learned. The Xpeed Fun 8-week camp has boosted up Jessica’s reading speed by 3 to 5 times faster than ever before, paving a very solid Ivy League way for her to achieve a much higher academic success down the road. We hope Jessica treats this not as an ending but as a starting point in her life-long Xpeed Learning Journey. Jessica’s academic achievements at 8 years old have demonstrated to the whole world that any kid can acquire 5 to 10 majors before age 20 by adopting the leading-edge Xpeed Learning Methodology invented by Mr. Maverick, which can be called “the Xpeed Learning Revolution/Storm”.

Mainstream American students have decreasing interest in hard science and engineering over time due to the ever-increasing fierce competition from Asians. But the Xpeed Fun academic program may reverse this trend forever by boosting up the U.S. overall competitiveness in the global market. During the 8-week summer camp, Jessica has also finished reading 5 A.P. (Advance Placement) courses: A.P. U.S. History, A.P. World History, A.P. Government and Politics, A.P. Chemistry and A.P. Physics. In Chemistry area only, Jessica has read 5 books as follows: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Medicinal Chemistry. However, Jessica still needs to work on these A.P. courses later on through the Xpeed Fun One-On-One Elite-Tutoring system to widen and deepen her understanding. During the camp, Jessica has expanded her world from such high-tech learning technology as 3D Interactive Human Body Anatomy and fun first-hand experiments on electric circuits. We wish Jessica could maintain her love of learning and reinforce these strong interests in science and engineering in her upcoming bright and brilliant future.

The Xpeed Fun summer camp can nurture child prodigies academically in high quantity as well as in high quality. For example, the Xpeed Fun Platform can probably sharpen students’ soft skills better than anywhere else. Jessica has also read many books in the graduate MBA level, such as Project Management, MBA, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Investment, Mass Media Marketing, Public Relations, Communication Skills, Operations and Resources Management, Management Information System, and even Leadership and Journalism. Soft skills intertwined with hard skills will refine all of our students with valuable life-long attributes, which will help them to be exceptionally well prepared for any career settings later on, especially in dealing with people or managing projects. Jessica has also been trained to be social and nice to others. Jessica’s dancing skill has been improved. However, Jessica’s singing skill needs to be improved later on. Jessica as a new immigrant from China still has a long way to go in sharpening her spelling, typing, writing, pronouncing and public speaking skills. However, this is only an eight week camp. The astonishing academic accomplishments of Jessica and all other students have exceeded all our expectations, and have broken many stereotypes and barriers of what a child can do under the optimum opportunities that every child deserves.

Unlike any other schools, the Xpeed Fun platform has been encouraging each and every student to be social with others, even in our very serious math and college-level reading sessions, by speaking out loud 30,000 to 50,000 words per day, more than 1.5 million words in total over the 8-week camp, greatly sharpening Jessica’s both social skills and oral speech capability, especially for a new immigrant from China. For a child who has been speaking Chinese at home, this learning dose equals to years of total speaking in any U.S. public school. Leadership always starts from the speaking and people skills; we hope Jessica can benefit from this Xpeed speech training for the rest of her life. Finally, in the 8-week Xpeed Fun camp, kids learn with high quality and fun, and 3 hours of the Xpeed Fun quality learning every day is more than enough to become a child prodigy.

Based on Jessica’s performance, we proudly award Miss Jessica Wang with iPad Air and the Mr. Maverick Fellowship toward the 2015 Xpeed Fun program.

* The Mr. Maverick Fellowship only awards to top 1% academic achievers on the Xpeed Fun Platform of Global Elites Network Xpeed Learning Academy, which tags “the best of the best of the best”.