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Examples that Xpeed Fun has transformed many students into top performers:

1*. Lucas who just finished Kindergarten had learned middle school math in the 2015 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp at Flushing;

2*. The Tenth Grader Steven’s SAT simulation test score using the Official Study Guide had been boosted up from 69 percentile to 98 percentile by 510 points in the 2015 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp at Brooklyn;

3*. The fifth grader Jenny from the 2014 and 2015 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp at the White Plains site has scored 99% in the grammar part of the SAT simulation tests;

4*. The fifth grader Jessica now can read 3+ times faster than her peers in her own school. Through the 2014 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp at White Plains, Xpeed had turned Jessica from a poor-performing student, a prior ESL class student as a new immigrant from China, into a shining star, harvesting many awards in several subjects in her own English school;

There’re many more cases that are listed here under the Role Models tab. As a matter of fact, Xpeed Quality Tutors collectively have worked to children’s potential and your child could join them as well on the shining list after a few years of adopting the Xpeed Learning Methodology at Xpeed Tutoring Centers.


The List of Xpeed Fun Summer Camps and Year-Long Tutoring Programs:

Seminars about how to learn much faster, deeper and more than ever before on Every Saturdays and Sundays after 3:00pm in the Elderly Day Care Center at 134-16 35th Ave, Flushing Queens, NY 11354, Please Call 929-260-2211 or 917-524-7788 to Open the Door for You on the Northern BLVD Side right across the Main Street of Flushing. Come to interact with students of the Xpeed Year-Long Weekend Program and talk to their parents and tutors, you will be totally impressed by phenomenal academic accomplishments of Xpeed students as a whole. It is time for all American parents to take actions NOW in order to win your children an academic advantage!

Starting from 2016, Xpeed Fun Summer Camps will land in your own neighborhood, as long as in any community 50 students have enrolled into the Xpeed Fun Academic Program, Xpeed Fun will open a summer camp site there close to your home. The only two things parents need to do are to help Xpeed find the proper camp site and recommend quality tutors. Thanks in advance!

Please Read Seminar Slides of the Xpeed Learning Methodology Invented by Mr. Maverick

Each student’s top-performing scores in their own schools have endorsed the Xpeed Fun Academic Programs as one of the most innovative schools in the world, thereby making Xpeed Fun grow much stronger and therefore be adopted by more and more students over time.

We wish Xpeed Fun could be fully developed into the U.S. core competitiveness down the road. New York State is famous for its education qaulity and Xpeed Fun can make New York even greater in the educational arena. It is time for American parents to widely adopt the Xpeed Learning Methodology by enrolling your children into the Xpeed Fun Summer Camps NOW!

The 2016 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp Media Exposure in Chinese:

Xpeed Fun Summer Camp

The 2015 Xpeed Fun Summer Camps opened in 6 towns: Manhattan Wall Street Pace University Downtown Conference Center, Princeton University Quadrangle Club, Fordham University White Plains Campus, Flushing Queens, Brooklyn NY, and Livingston NJ.


【Xpeed Learning Experience Residential (Boarding) Camp at Princeton University Quadrangle Club Operated by Open Loop Academy, Sister School of Global Elites Network Xpeed Learning Academy】

1-Week Price: $1,500, one week between July 25 and August 26;
2-Week Price: $2,400, two weeks between July 25 and August 26;
3-Week Price: $3,000, three weeks between July 25 and August 26;
4-Week Price: $4,000, four weeks between July 25 and August 26;
5-Week Price: $5,000, five weeks between July 25 and August 26;

Xpeed Learning Camp opens on Weekdays from Monday to Friday and closes on Weekends. Please drop off your kids at 9:00am on Monday at Prince University Quadrangle Club and pick them up at 6:00pm on Friday at Prince University Quadrangle Club. Foods and rooms are included, one room two beds in a three-star hotel for four campers.

Parents are welcomed as well. Parents who will not learn at Xpeed Learning Camp only need to pay 1/3 of student’s fee to cover the room, food, transportation, and other logistics.

Pricing for students of 2015 and/or 2016 Xpeed Fun Summer Camp will be cut in half.

Address: Princeton University Quadrangle Club – 33 Prospect Ave, Princeton, NJ 08540

Registrar: 929-244-9944,929-244-9955